Membership Benefits

IC membership gives you immediate access and participation in weekly strategy calls, where other state government affairs representatives vet ideas about how to amend or defeat problematic legislation. 

One of the most valuable benefits of membership is the networking, camaraderie and sharing of ideas and resources among existing members.  For example, members often share intelligence or insight from their own retained on-the-ground lobbyists. 

Membership in the IC includes access to our IC FOCUS database, which is the leading state legislative, regulatory, and government information monitoring service. Updated daily and accessible on the web 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, IC FOCUS will provide you and your company with vital and timely information.

IC tracks and reports on legislation in over 30 public policy issue areas.  Detailed written weekly reports are circulated every Friday informing you of exactly what important issues transpired that week.

IC provides intelligence and guidance to its membership related to the thousands of pending bills identified each year as problematic to Internet ecommerce.  More importantly, IC highlights and prioritizes which of the bills have the political backing to actually advance through the legislative process.  IC then then advises members what strategy and next steps are needed to accomplish their specific goals.  

IC writes and submits policy position letters and talking points to you or directly to key legislators as needed and at the right time in the legislative process.  

Our Members